Like many homes around the world, we were a two income household. I had every intention of going back to work but once our son arrived everything changed. One look into his heavenly blue eyes, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I'm sure many mothers are faced with the same dilemma. My wonderful husband, wanted to do everything in his power to fulfil my wish. He even entertained the idea of taking on a second job. we stayed positive and optimistic that soon everything would work out great.

One night while browsing a celebrity gossip magazine, we spotted a trend. All the celebrities that were avoiding paparazzi, were wearing a cap and a hoody. We googled it and thousands such pictures existed. We loved this sporty look and set out to find a retailer or online store that sold this look as one piece. One piece just makes more sense, it's more practical too. No such store existed. This look was everywhere in our everyday lives, but never as a one piece. The seed was planted. And so the Hammers Hill concept started. Wouldn't it be a neat idea if it was sold and worn as one garment? Our prayers were answered.

We gathered all the money we had to make a prototype, create our website and manufacture our first order. We are so excited to present our patent pending design to all of you. Of course we are still learning along the way. We are grateful for all your support. We are thrilled that we could bring this patent pending product to the market. We still have so many designs in the working which will become available on our website in the future.

Since our son was our inspiration, we decided to give back to children's organisations. We donate 10% of our net proceeds to Unicef and Africa - Save the Children, hoping to bring a few smiles to children's faces.

This little Hammers Hill business has been a blessing to our family. We are truly thankful.

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